Does CAMEO build models for users?

No. CAMEO is not a meta-server and will not answer user requests. Its sole purpose is to continuously evaluate the accuracy of prediction servers based on known experimental structures released by the PDB.

What is the schedule of submission and evaluation in CAMEO?

CAMEO is hinged on the PDB pre-release, which currently is scheduled to be published for early Saturday morning (CET). The pre-release is then processed to exclude too easy structure prediction targets and ~20 selected sequences are sent to the CAMEO 3D participants. For the QE category protein structure models are required and thus there is a delay of ~24h. All the structure predictions (ie atomic coordinates) of the public CAMEO 3D servers that have been received by CAMEO until then, are submitted to QE participants.
After the following Wednesday 2am (CET) predictions are no longer accepted for any CAMEO category. The evaluations are subsequently started on 3am (CET) Wednesday morning after the local PDB archive is synchronized.

Which servers will be evaluated?

CAMEO will only evaluate servers with the consent of the author. We invite all server developers to register their services to CAMEO. Please use the following on-line registration form [REGISTER], or contact us directly by email if your service does not fit within these categories.

See our complete list of registered servers.

Is all CAMEO data public?

Authors of a prediction server can decide if their evaluation data is public or only accessible privately. Services initially registered as "development" (e.g. during the development phase) can later be changed to "public" (e.g. for publication purposes).

Can I suggest a new score / evaluation method?

Yes, of course. CAMEO is a community service, and we don’t expect that our initial set of scores will be perfect. In fact, we know it is not. If you would like to see a different evaluation score applied, please let us know!

Which prediction methods are covered by CAMEO?

In the current release, CAMEO addresses the evaluation of services for Protein Structure prediction, 3D Protein Structure Quality assessment and Residue-Residue Contact prediction. From January 2012 - April 2016 CAMEO also featured a category for Ligand Binding Site Residue prediction, which has been deceased. In the future, we plan to open CAMEO for assessment of "Protein Assemblies", following the demand by the community.

Can I submit several models for a target protein in CAMEO?

Yes. CAMEO, however, will only include the last prediction received per server for each target sequence in the overall score for a given modeling aspect. If you server can be tuned with different parameters (e.g. for highest coverage or for highest accuracy), you will need to register two servers with different parameters. Please use the following on-line registration form [REGISTER], or contact us directly by email ( if you have any questions.

How does CAMEO relate to CASP?

In CASP, expert groups aim to predict structures of 50-100 target proteins for which the coordinates will not be published during the prediction window (3 weeks). The results are assessed blindly by independent assessors. In CAMEO, automated prediction servers are continuously benchmarked using thousands of newly released structures from the PDB on a weekly basis. The assessment is fully automated.

How do I register my modeling server with CAMEO?

In the modeling category each server will submit a single model, so if your server normally delivers one model for highest coverage and one for best quality you would need to register two servers each submitting one model.
Similar, for the quality estimation (QE) and residue-residue contact prediction (CP) categories only one prediction is accepted as well.

Please use the following on-line registration form [REGISTER], or contact us directly by email if your service does not fit within these categories.