This beta version of CAMEO-3D is the next generation of CAMEO, extending the current 3D category to model structures and complexes, and all the variety of macromolecules deposited in the PDB. We are introducing new optional types of targets on an “opt-in basis” in order to enable the community to automatically evaluate the following types of structure predictions:

  • Homomeric protein assemblies
  • Heteromeric protein complexes
  • DNA, RNA and peptides (including mixed heteromers)
  • Small molecule ligands
  • Non-canonical amino acids and PTMs

We are inviting server registrations for the beta test phase to support the development and the validation of the workflows. For now, predictions and evaluations will be offered as raw downloads. In the coming months the following features will be implemented:

  • More diverse scoring of those new target types
  • Validation of the models and scoring of those new target types
  • A web interface to view the results

You can learn more about our workflow on the help page.


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We would love to hear your feedback on this new development. Do you like it? Which type of target is the most important to you? Is there anything that you are missing from the old CAMEO 3D? Let us know!